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Still, I didn't expect to feel so crestfallen during a phone conversation with a representative of a male strip club. Twenty minutes after our scheduled meeting time, I received a text from Armand: "You'll see us, we're in the Mania Mobile :)" At the time of this writing, I still don't know what the "Mania Mobile" is. Armand told me that I'm with you." I tried to make small talk, but I had no idea what to say to this man with the action-figure arms. It was at least three weeks into my relationship with my girlfriend before we watched a movie together.I mean, all I wanted was an informed employee to accompany me to a screening of Steven Soderbergh's new movie , I thought. (Though, if nothing else, the smiley-face emoticon confirmed for me the wisdom of adding "nice" to my Google search.) A few minutes later, I saw a group of four men, all wearing Hunk OMania tank tops, enter the theater. On the escalator up to the theater, a woman asked both of us, "Are you two strippers? Vincent stated he was thirsty and, gentleman that he is, asked if I wanted anything from the concession stand. I mean, I had just met Vincent, yet here we were, sitting next to each other in silence. At one point in , someone scolds Channing Tatum's character, saying, "You're a bullshit 30-year-old stripper." I felt some unease to my right. As I walked up Broadway with Vincent, I saw the looks.

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Cari Tabor, who sued the Baltimore club Scores in 2014, said that on a good night, she could make $1,000 in tips.So good, in fact, he could walk through the door of Hunk OMania tomorrow and headline his own show.I wrote a "5" in my notebook and thanked Vincent for his time, and then we said our goodbyes, forever.They began issuing paychecks to dancers after several federal lawsuits were brought against the club. Lam and Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun video) Norma Jean's is one of several strip clubs that have been sued for failing to pay dancers a wage.They began issuing paychecks to dancers after several federal lawsuits were brought against the club. Lam and Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun video) Dancers at strip clubs have long been considered "independent contractors" whose wages consist solely of tips.Epilogue As I started writing this piece, I began thinking about the absurdity of inviting a male stripper with me to . Maybe the only reason that I asked him to attend with me to begin with was because of the negative connotation.

I was still contemplating this when Vincent walked back into the bar. Maybe he was going to let me know just what he thought of this whole stunt. (He'd changed his shirt shortly after we walked into the bar.) We said our goodbyes again.

Tank tops notwithstanding, I was too afraid to say anything -- I wasn't going down that road again. Vincent said there are already negative connotations associated with his profession, and a line like that -- and a movie like this, with its rampant drinking and drug use -- would only make things worse. "It's very disrespectful." Vincent acknowledged that, yes, when he first started, he would often drink before shows -- to ease his nerves. He realized that to truly become better, he had to stop.

Vincent did like one character in the film: Adam (Alex Pettyfer), the new guy - or "Kid" - at the club.

Vincent's sister accused Vincent of being a grade between 1 and 10.

Vincent rated the movie a 5, which seemed quite a bit better than "fucking terrible." Vincent admitted that he really enjoyed the first half.

Historically, strip clubs have treated dancers differently from other staff when it comes to pay."It's always been that way until recent cases.