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It also means we had little self-control when it came to bolting that blower to the unsuspecting little 5.3L truck motor. After The Supercharger Store sent us the kit, we discovered the cheapie iron block 5.3L motor was missing a couple of essential mount bosses for the accessory drive.By the time we realized this, we had no time to make a new mounting bracket (see the “When in Doubt, Adapt”).

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Water Injection The big issue with making boost is that it also adds heat.The first pull after that generated well over 600 hp. In fact, we had to install a larger 4.15 pulley on the supercharger to keep the boost level below 15 psi to protect the factory cast pistons.We added four jet sizes to both the primary and secondary to ensure a safe air/fuel ratio and used MSD’s software to program the ignition curve to no more than 22 degrees of ignition timing.He realized that he won, our eyes met, and this insolent smile from ear to ear, picked me up and sat on the window sill.I have punted, legs parted themselves, he pushed striped pants and went at once, I gasped in pain, he fixed his mouth to my lips and started fucking so furiously that after a few seconds we have moaned in unison. The one-two punch of heat and added cylinder pressure makes it very difficult for pump gas to control detonation.

One solution is to inject a measured amount of water into the inlet system when the engine is under boost. The simple side of this concept is that during the conversion of a liquid to a gas, heat is absorbed, which lowers the inlet air temperature.

The beauty of this design is that it does not rely on the narrow, six-rib, stock serpentine belt package.

Pro Charger instead adds a separate blower pulley to the crank-necessitating a swap to an ATI harmonic balancer-that spins an eight-rib belt wholly for the supercharger.

This is the same concept your body utilizes to regulate excess heat by using sweat to pull heat away from your skin.

In your engine, the injected water cools the air and makes it denser (a greater amount of oxygen in a given space).

Our test is still valid since there’s no difference between an iron and an aluminum 5.3L. That made the sacrifices a little easier to take, don’t you think?