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A foreign affair dating

To sum up AFA and Jims agency scams, these people support scammers and rip off you, the paying male customer. Don't use A Foreign Affair and don't trust Jims advise. Have you noticed what I've been saying about you on forums??????????? And a catalogue up your arse too ))))) GO YOURSELF.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Eat shit you female genitalia )))) At least It's the truth about you, you pathetic cock sucker. Out to help your XXXX XXXXXXX mate John Adams make more money from scamming good men. no, the thread is not locked, but we have a new rule: a member must have at least 10 postcount in other sections of the forum to be able to post in this section.

Does anyone know about this agency and its affiliates or has any experience with them, whether they are full of scammers or pro-daters?I see all the sluts listed with online dating ukraine, all have the " I was born to make you happy" removed.... This is done EXACTLY to avoid posts like from afa ex client, as we are fed up with it.We have to know a poster at least a bit before he jumps into this section. I paid for a Platinum Membership, then a day later canceled. They charge quite a bit for e mail exchanges with their clients, which seemed high priced to me.Connecting single men to their dream woman since 1995, A Foreign Affair specializes in conducting meet-and-greet or romance tours to the Ukraine, Latin America, and Asia, depending on your choice of nationality.The website functions as a dating and travel agency simultaneously. onclick=";return false; Following is an article of a journalist's experience with A Foreign Affair: onclick=";return false; It seems from this report that this agency might be legitimate !!

Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL.

Another complaint I make to John Adams is the woman asked me for money. I remind him of the email that i have on my inbox with the woman's banking account details on it. When you read into the tour programming, it says the socials are ' Invitation only'. On a forum, one American guy states that, there were women in attendance because their friend was listed with AFA but they themselves are not interested in dating foreign men. John refunded him, but this guy, as you can plainly see, is nuts. But allowing this guy to attack John AND me without the ability to defend myself is not fair. It's the same, men are being scammed on both sites.

The same guy states that there was even hookers at the socials. I want you to post his letter to me below and tell everyone that Jim says that he simply does not understand. I don't know if the thread is locked, but I cannot post there. Looks like Joe Nail hasn't paid for a ' gold' rating. I'm looking forward to catching up with him and shoving a AFA catalogue up he's fat Yank arsehole....

They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere.

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Dear Truthseeker1: If "A Foreign Affair" (AFA) is a scamming site, then there is no legal dating sites at all, all of them are scamming ones.

Jim told me that online dating ukraine, and army of brides, are all scam sites and men should avoid using these sites. Jim told me that online dating ukraine allows the women to have more then one profile, in some cases, up to 3 different profiles. I send an email back to Joe nail and mention the woman is still listed with her AFA profile # on . Then I spot the woman at the May 2009 socials in the recent tours photos section. He said, ' well, she may have just decided to turn up'.. They copied's style step by step.