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Account dating texas merchant online

If you notice any unusual activity, please report it to Texas Trust immediately.Take advantage of e Alerts, online banking, and mobile banking, which help you monitor your account activity at no charge.

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Business Day refers to Monday through Friday excluding Bank Holidays.In some instances, based on the reported compromise period and merchant, we are able to identify transactions that fall within those parameters and determine which cardholders may be affected.A: Compromises affect all institutions, whether large or small.Texas Star Bank is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal and financial information. When applying for Star Net, you were asked to provide an online name to reference your accounts. If necessary we will substitute the online name we were given, but we will not at any time display your full account number.On your Star Net Application, we have also asked for certain pieces of security information.You will be prompted 7 days in advance that your password is going to expire.

After 3 failed attempts to log on, your account will be locked. After 90 days of inactivity, your Star Net account will be dormant, and you must call in to have it reinstated.

If you have questions or concerns, please review the FAQs provided or use the secure contact form below.

Resources A: Card compromise means that credit/debit card information may have been obtained by unauthorized individuals.

A: Unfortunately, no one can predict when their payment card will be compromised.

We strongly urge you to use our online and mobile resources and review transaction history often.

However, you can rest assured that Texas Trust Credit Union will work hard to protect your accounts and personal information, and with Master Card’s Zero Liability policy, you can be confident that we will have your back if and when you incur any unauthorized transactions related to a compromise. If you do so, please stop by your local branch before the stated cut-off date specified in your compromise letter, and receive an instant issue card that you may begin to use immediately.