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In that year the national leadership decided on a major campaign to organize what was then the nation's second largest clothing center.

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In 1976, two years after the first national garment strike, the ACWA merged with the Textile Workers Union. Records contain general correspondence, subjects, Political Action Committee materials, and program files. The Joint Board Meetings contain minutes (1931-1975), followed by an index for meetings, ca.The union secured insurance and retirement plans in the forties, but its greatest innovation came with the opening of the Hillman Medical Center in 1951.This was the first attempt by a major industrial union to provide full, prepaid medical care to its members.The union was essentially run by the Manager, the Secretary-Treasurer (for many years Jacob Feldman), and the Business Agents of the locals.This pattern persisted with little change through the 1970s.Weinstein was active in many national ACWA and later, CIO campaigns, especially the union label campaign.

The organizing campaign begun in 1929 met with immediate success.

Organizing spread to allied areas such as work clothing, neckwear and children's clothing, so that in 1940 the Joint Board numbered 20,000 members in 14 locals.

The coatmakers was the largest group, with English, Yiddish and Italian speaking locals.

Given its size and tradition of political activism, the union worked closely with a variety of New Deal agencies, supported the Roosevelt administration and was an important force in the emergence of the CIO in the late thirties.

Yet despite its size, its basic organization was simple.

The Joint Board became part of the Clothing Division of the new Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union. Includes correspondence and reports for national ACWA conventions, and a small amount of meeting material for a number of other organizations. 1935-1975, Board of Directors lists (1939-1968), and miscellaneous notices and arrangements for meetings (1958, 1961-1980).