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Adult webcam phone

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After choosing a specific app (I chose my stock Gallery), select a picture to cast it to your television.At the bottom of the picture on your device you'll see a pencil icon, which you can use to edit and draw on the picture (as demonstrated below).

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I found that most of the time, this fixed most of the issues I was having when trying to cast videos.

The Camera option in EZCast sends a live feed of what your camera app is showing, using either the front-facing or rear camera.

In addition, you can change the quality of the live feed to either low or high (with high causing more lag).

Overall, the application is solid, with just a few sporadic force-closes and some non-compatible features.

Outside of that, this app is a fantastic tool to increase the functionality of the Chromecast.

We can play games, cast TV stations, and even mirror our screens, but today I'm going to show you a multifaceted tool that'll do everything from broadcasting your camera to displaying your documents.