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Ages 45 to 50 online dating

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BY MYRA FAYE TURNER It’s been twenty years since burst onto the internet scene offering to hook up singles seeking love and companionship.

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The accompanying app is available for both Android and i OS systems.Stitch Stitch is different than your typical dating site in that members use the site to seek both romantic and non-romantic companionship.They are also very committed to making sure members don’t fall prey to potential scammers.Once a photo is uploaded, you can continue adding more information about yourself. However, if you haven’t gone through the verification process, you won’t be able to see another member’s picture or name.You will be able to read whatever information they have provided.If you’re thinking about online dating but have been hesitant because you worry you won’t find many sites devoted to adults of a certain age— there’s good and bad news.

It’s true that most sites cater to the younger crowd but there are some sites specifically geared to the senior demographic, the so-called “thin dating market.” Pew defines this group as middle-aged adults who “have a relatively limited number of available partners within their immediate social circles.” If you’re ready to get out there, here’s three sites to get you started.

This means you won’t get a ton of people flooding your inbox that you have no interest in.

The app is currently only available for the i OS systems but an Android app is supposed to be released soon, according to their website.

Use common sense such as meeting the person in a public place the first time and not giving out too much personal information.

Most importantly, always follow your gut instinct— if you feel something is “off”, it probably is. She hopes to someday retire to a less populated city.

Senior Match Senior Match is similar to Stitch in that members use the site to find both romantic and non-romantic relationships.