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Alice eve dating john cusack

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Basically, if someone took parts of “Sherlock Holmes,” “Se7en” and ABC’s “Castle” and threw them in a blender, this is the tasty concoction that would come out.For the uninitiated, Cusack plays a fictionalized version of Edgar Allen Poe who finds himself at the center of a controversy when a serial killer starts emulating the murders he depicts in his stories.

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"But it's a different perspective and he talks from that position with absolute candor and clarity.Crazy things happen in cinema when a good girl starts breaking bad.Some, like Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron, win Oscars.They are among a group possessing sweet hearts or gorgeous looks who are reaping rewarding wins (Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman) or nominations (Amy Adams for , has shown that potential after pushing the lightweight fare aside to take on meatier roles with emotional heft. Less than a week after ringing in 2014, the London native sounded relaxed over the phone from Los Angeles after spending the holidays with her family in Barbados, ready for the "baptism by fire" awaiting this "New Year's Eve." With two brothers (one lives in her London home) in a male-dominated family, Eve also plays to win while talking sports.Eve does more than hold her own in a world of strong, powerful men, whether she's acting alongside Bryan Cranston, Ray Liotta, John Cusack and Stanley Tucci or working with cutting-edge directors Neil La Bute and J. Admittedly, she would show more interest in college football (and the national championship game played the previous night) "if I knew the rules." Raised on English football ("I'm a Chelsea supporter") and field hockey, Eve said she used to love watching Wayne Gretzky make the nice ice moves in the NHL.The character is apparently older than Del Toro’s and would be more of a supporting role.

As we previously reported, production begins on January 15th with a script by Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman.

In (currently in post-production), Eve plays a coworker who comes to the aid of a businessman (Matthew Broderick) haunted by a year-old tryst in what's billed as a comedy drama.

Her previous film role for La Bute was in , a 2013 Tribeca Film Festival entry he wrote and directed that costarred Tucci as an obsessive ex-lover who leaves his wife in an attempt to rekindle a romance with his much younger mistress. La Bute's artful, apocalyptic duet." La Bute has been known for showing men behaving badly while often taking the male chauvinist's point of view in his depiction of women.

Only one image of the film had been released up until now, though “The Raven” did have a Comic-Con panel as well.

It is the third directorial effort of James Mc Teigue, who also helmed “V for Vendetta” and “Ninja Assassin.” If you look closely enough in the trailer, there’s one particular scene that looks like it comes right out of “V.” Also starring Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, “The Raven” hits theaters on March 9.

In the intense crime drama set in upstate New York, Eve plays a disenchanted yet willful single mother named Chloe, who runs a seedy hotel and is forced to butt heads with a number of shady characters, including a Polish bag man/hit man (Cranston) whose eyesight is deteriorating. We both were in a situation that required serious application. And, obviously, very talented." The emotionally straining and physically demanding role included a series of verbal sparring matches between Chloe and Topo. Even if he had an idea how Walter White's fate would be decided, Eve thought it would be mean to pry, and avoided the subject during dinner breaks.