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Am i dating a workaholic

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It distorts the reality of each family member, threatens family security and often leads to family break-up.

Here are some of the steps I took to address my workaholism: 1. Take time in prayer and close personal examination. Ask that He remove the hardness from your heart so that you can be shaped and molded in this area of your life. There is no better way to connect as a couple and create closeness.But if you can deal with the intensity, dating us could be the best decision you’ll ever make.Introduction Workaholism is a soul-destroying addiction that changes people's personality and the values they live by.My wife, must have been avoiding the conversation with our children so that they would not wonder why my work responsibilities seemed more important than they were.As I tried to recover from this gut shot delivered by my 11-year-old angel, I attempted to make sense of what she just said.and working until 7 at night, I was of little use as a dad and a husband.

While my dear wife would cry with frustration that there was “nothing left for us” I would justify my actions because I was providing for my family.

Without proper boundaries, and if things are not kept in proper perspective they can lead you to the place where I was that Friday evening staring into my daughter’s beautiful brown eyes. It took much prayer and wise counsel, but over time God revealed my heart to me: I was a workaholic.

A workaholic driven by a nagging desire to achieve, to perform, to prove myself important.

We started going to a great Christian camp in Texas called Pine Cove; these fun-filled, purposeful times with my son and daughter have been extremely meaningful to us and are highly anticipated each year. Find a trusted friend and confide the struggle you are having and the commitment you have made. Bill Eyster is Family Life's vice president in charge of digital relationships.

We talk about them for months in advance and recount memories for months afterwards. He and his wife, Tracey, have been married for over 25 years and have two children.

Workaholics can be pretty intense – they’re always on the go, trying to do a million things at once, and never fully satisfied.