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Not to say that race matters but at times it comes into play when there is culture involved, for example a Muslim woman dating a white man or an Asian man dating a black woman. Our race communities have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the thought of loving someone outside of his/her race.Society makes being in an interracial relationship seem almost like an insult.

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As they walk down the street people stare or laugh – share whispers and ask rude questions.I am merely sidelining and ousting a small section of cishet straight Asian men who present symptoms of toxic misogyny and extreme sexism.They usually congregate in certain Facebook groups and Reddit threads ( I assume most of you know which ones I am referring to), and some even come and comment on my posts to try and trash what I say and discredit it.In fact, they don’t represent anyone other than couples suffering from jaundice.But that might soon be a thing of the past because Microsoft has just launched 144 new interracial couple emojis.” The Muslim man of the daughter who is dating a white man tells her she’s just going “through a phase”.

The Asian mother asks her son who is dating a black woman “aren’t you afraid of what your kids will look like?

Parents and family, if not accepting, can make an interracial relationship a living hell.

A black mother asks her son who is dating a white woman “how could you leave a black sista for a white woman?

Please hear me out before you place judgement on what I am about to discuss.

The purpose of this post is not to shit on Asian men – it is actually on the contrary.

” Regardless of how much we have evolved as a community, there are still people who love to point fingers and whisper.