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Batista dating

Back at SD when he made out with Melina we find out a while later theyre dating he did some backstage segments a few months back with Kelly we find out theyre dating.

The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist, sometimes called The Burlington House Cartoon, is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.No painting by Leonardo exists that is based directly on this cartoon.The drawing depicts the Virgin Mary seated on the knees of her mother St Anne and holding the Child Jesus while St.The delineation between the upper bodies has lost clarity, suggesting that the heads are part of the same body.The twisting movement of the Virgin is echoed in the Christ Child, whose body, held almost horizontal by his mother, rotates axially, with the lower body turned upward and the upper body turned downward.Mary's eyes are fixed on the Christ Child who raises his hand in a gesture of benediction over the cousin who thirty years later would carry out his appointed task of baptising Jesus.

Although the older of the two children, John the Baptist humbly accepts the blessing, as one who would later say of his cousin "I am not worthy even to unloose his sandals." St Anne's hand, her index finger pointing towards the Heaven, is positioned near the heads of the children, perhaps to indicate the original source of the blessing.

There is a subtle interplay between the gazes of the four figures.

St Anne smiles adoringly at her daughter Mary, perhaps indicating not only maternal pride but also the veneration due to the one who "all generations will call...blessed".

It was either executed in around 1499–1500, at the end of the artist's first Milanese period, or around 1506–8, when he was shuttling between Florence and Milan; the majority of scholars prefer the latter date, although the National Gallery and others prefer the former.

The subject of the cartoon is a combination of two themes popular in Florentine painting of the 15th century: The Virgin and Child with John the Baptist and The Virgin and Child with St Anne.

she was definitely with test for awhile...i don't want to check it from work cause there are a ton of half naked pictures of her but i think i read that on her myspace she made a post about like 'don't believe the rumors, andrew (test) and i are still together'..either bautista is fraudin or she just doesn't want a reputation of being a whore. I can hope only for steroid-induced, uh, shortcomings.