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Best dating books 2016

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—Heidi Mac Donald, comics reviews editor Russo's ability to capture the humanity and humor of small-town life is what continues to draw me to his work.

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I'm not that far into Before the Fall, but the set-up does its job.The book is simultaneously hard to read and hard to put down.—Annie Coreno, reviews editor Wright (1949–2016), one of America's most lauded and revered contemporary poets, died unexpectedly in January, which will make this highly anticipated verse collection that much more heart-wrenching to read.I've long been a fan of Tartarus Press, a small specialty publisher in the U. S., but garnered praise from the likes of Stephen King ("It's not just good, it's great. Now a major American house is making this novel widely available. —Peter Cannon, senior reviews editor The book I'm most looking forward to is one concerning a different kind of summer movie than we've become used to: the movies of Éric Rohmer. The Tartarus edition of The Loney, a first novel, received limited distribution in the U.—Everett Jones, reviews editor I am reading this sequel to The Lighthouse Road right now and loving it for so many reasons.

It's set in the wilds of northern Minnesota, and there is such a strong sense of place—and the impact of the isolation and ruggedness of this beautiful locale upon its characters, some of whom I met in The Lighthouse Road.

West Virginia native Null's debut collection of short fiction sticks to the Allegheny region, chronicling more than 200 years of history and the comings and goings of humans and wildlife in a wilderness soon to be lost to mining, fracking, and the choke of burning coal.

—John Maher, assistant news editor Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy, is the Disney of Japan, an innovator of titanic influence, whose work manages to be cutesy, brutal, adventurous, and transcendent all at once.

I live in northern Minnesota and Geye's portrait of what it must have been like here for an earlier generation of inhabitants—and still is, for residents in some parts of the region—is spot on.

The story moves along quietly, but packs a huge emotional punch.

—Judith Rosen, senior bookselling editor Richly evocative and at times brutally stark, Proulx's epic novel spans 300 years, beginning in New France (the area colonized by France in North America) in 1693.