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Blind date guide to dating

Beulah began reading for Robert the summer after she had left, and they were soon thereafter wed.After eight years of marriage, Beulah was diagnosed with cancer and died.

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NOTE: Amazon rarely lists the availability of audio description on their videos, so don't let that discourage you if you follow our links!TO ORDER or learn more about each video, click on the movie title link.You may use the alphabet below to jump ahead in the listing.Follow @ADPwebmaster and/or spread the word about this page via Twitter Tweet Contact the webmaster via the link at the bottom of this page!Also available: DVDs for Kids (Rated G or PG with Audio Description).He ran his hands sensitively all over her face and neck, and the experience proved profound to the wife, who is an aspiring poet and has tried to memorialize his touch. The man she was waiting for in Seattle had been her "childhood sweetheart," and after they married, they lived a military life as he was transferred to bases.

She showed it to the narrator when they started dating, but he didn't care for it. One year after leaving Seattle, she contacted Robert, and they thereafter began to exchange the tapes on which they would tell each other their deep secrets.

They continued to exchange tapes as her life as an Air Force wife got lonelier and lonelier, until she finally tried to kill herself with pills.

She ended up throwing them up, but used the occasion to pursue a divorce, which was followed by her dating the narrator.

His wife had been living on the West coast with a man she was going to marry, and found Robert's ad seeking someone to read to him.

On the last day she worked there, Robert (who the narrator continues to call "the blind man") asked to touch her face and she agreed.

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