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Blind dating srpski prevod

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In the Arctic regions dogs drag sleighs and other vehicles across the snow.They have frequently saved people from drowning and from suffocation in snowdrifts.

In Greek mythology Ulysses has the faithful dog Argus in the Odyssey, who recognizes his master after an absence of years.Another story of canine fidelity is the Dog of the Seven Sleepers, who accompanied his masters to the cave in which they were confined, and stood on guard by their side for 3years, without moving, eating, drinking, or sleeping.Mohammed admitted him into paradise under the name of Katmir.In folklore dogs have often been credited with mysterious knowledge of spiritual things, and have sometimes been uncanny friends of such magicians as Cor. They were also depicted as terrible monsters, such as the snarling, many-headed Cerberus, who guarded the entrance to Hades on the farther side of the Styx.Verna domaća životinja, danas postije više od dve stotine različitih vrsta.Serija se vrti oko ivota disfunkcionalne obitelji Griffin u izmiljenom amerikom gradu Quahog, Rhode Island.

Obitelj ine roditelji Peter i Lois, njihova djeca; Meg, Chris i Stewie, te pas Brian, koji posjeduje ljudske osobine...s13e02-The Book of Joe

They have been selectively bred into many different varieties for use as working animals and pets. The dog has slender legs and walks on its toes (digitigrade).

Dogs were first domesticated over 10,0years ago, and migrated with humans to all the continents.

Dogs in certain countries may also be at risk from rabies. Dogs are used in hunting, for coursing and retrieving game.

They are also valuable as sheepdogs, keeping the flock together, and as guards.

Te rase se razlikuju po veličini, dlaci, obliku nosa i tela, navikama. Da bi se uveličala površina, šupljina je pregrađena hrskavicom.