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Bluetooth dating application

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Andrew Doyle is COO and Next2Friends claims it has “three Industry Veterans on their Strategic Advisory Board” though they aren’t named. Google’s Dodgeball – which was supposed to tell friends (and friends of friends) who are within 10 blocks of you where you are and what you are doing – also bombed.However, as usual there are problems with the whole bluetooth network thing. In Europe Aka-Aki, based in Germany, does almost exactly the same thing as Next2Friends.

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“Ok for geeks, but not mainstreamers,” as UK mobile veteran Helen Keegan of Beepmarketing points out to me.Anyway, it will be fascinating to see how Next2Friends does. It turns out that hooking up and using such a keyboard is easy. In addition, if the most you ever type on your smartphone is “LOL.Or will it all turn out to have been a massive red herring?The latest to enter the fray, launching Thursday, will be Next2Friends, a new social network based on Bluetooth-enabled handsets.); the Think Outside one (above, right) is the oldest, having been designed to work with Palm PDAs, then the Nokia SU-8W (above, left), dating from the days of Symbian and S60, circa 2008.

Finally the generic Freedom keyboard (above, centre) is about three years old.

The service also lets you picture message or text a question to your network of friends and get feedback (although I use Twitter for this which scales a lot faster than me having to wait for my friends to download a Bluetooth app).

So far they claim they have 12,500 users, which seems a lot for a beta which launched over the dead Christmas period. It broadcasts information about yourself to others via bluetooth. Neither has anyone else, although incredibly it is still available for download.

Here’s how they say it works: You set up a Next2Friends profile detailing all your likes, dislikes etc.

You then load the software onto your mobile (it’s not yet clear but I believe it’s a Java app) and head out into the real world.

But if you regularly find yourself typing multiple paragraphs in an email or article or social update and think “Grr….