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Bob jones university ends ban on interracial dating

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The university "stands without apology for the old-time religion and the absolute authority of the Bible." The president of BJU, Bob Jones III, recently issued a "Congratulatory letter to President George W. Although he did not speak at the university before this election, Bush spoke at BJU on February 2, 2000.But after his speech in which he said: "I look forward to publicly defending our conservative philosophy," Bush was criticized by Catholics because of the school's position on Catholicism, and by Blacks because of the school's ban on interracial dating (now rescinded, as announced by Bob Jones III on Larry King Live a month after Bush's appearance at BJU).

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If it's a club filled with "pro-life" Democrats -- no matter.Where's the Horowitz-sponsored Students for Academic Freedom coming to the defense of these Liberty University College Democrats?If they really cared about academic freedom, diversity of intellectual opinion, and even their moral convictions, Liberty University's actions would be as loudly condemned by Horowitz and his minions.Vice president of student affairs Mark Hine said in the e-mail sent to Diaz on May 15 that the Democratic party violates the school's principles by supporting abortion, socialism and the "'LGBT' agenda," referring to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.The e-mail said that even though the campus group "may not support the more radical planks of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party is still the parent organization of the club on campus."How's that for a "conservative" university's respecting ideological diversity on campus?If it's a club filled with anti-GLBT Democrats -- no matter.

If it's a club filled with "good kids" who are Democrats -- no matter.

The only apparent reason given is that it's Democratic.

The University doesn't point to any specific action that the group has done that goes against the school's moral foundations.

In the first paragraph, University officials are reported as claiming that the ban occurs because the group stands against the University's moral principles.

And yet notice how there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE provided that this group does anything of the sort.

Yet, on the other hand, I can point to numerous instances where "conservative" colleges and universities practice exclusion simply on the basis of political ideology.