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Brenda wairimu and juliani dating

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Juliani and Brenda Wairimu have always made headlines in regards to their relationship.When it was first revealed that the two were secretly dating, the reactions from fans were quite different. Brenda has finally revealed who slide in who’s DM first.

But her intentions were not exactly to date the rapper but strike up a conversation because she is a huge fan of rap music.Brenda dates one of her favourite African musicians – Juliani – with whom they are blessed with a daughter, Amor.They have been dating for four years but had kept their affair hidden from the media for many years.Here is what he wrote captioning it with a photo: Check out reactions from fans: Wetalatales: My friends think I love your art n craft because of your punchlines, some say delivery, some say locks, I say, I call Juliani a real artist not because his lines are always on point but because his power bank lies in the smiles thrown by his rib n seed and not the punchlines he throws n this right here is pure magic! Beautiful, keep it burning always David: I find myself singing through this beautiful masterpiece too dope Loui: Boys wanafall for dimples….men wana look forward to wrinkles. Dotty: I love the fact that you and you bae are not show off couple. She loved Juliani so much that she even got her hair braided to shake it like Juliani when he came to perform at her school.

And it’s great she made the first move as she landed a very intelligent and grounded celebrity.

God bless your union Mufasapoet: Too real, too dope, too great, too fresh.

So instead of striking up a conversation with the cutie they are into most ladies prefer to sort of put themselves in his view hoping he will look her way.

We at offer our sincere condolence to Brenda Wairimu’s family during this heartbreaking period.

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Juliani, whose real name is Julius Owino, is popularly known for his hit song Utawala and proposed to Brenda early this year.