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His aunt then asks Travis if they are, and he glances at me and says no.Then, later, he tells me that he's not ready for a relationship.

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I hated how I always forgave him for the terrible things he said to me and pretended it didn't really hurt my feelings. I don't know if I still hate him(I don't typically hold a grudge against others) but I'm not ever talking to him again. But I don't know why, I made it look like I like him. So one day this guy from my church, we'll call him Travis, just texts me out of the blue.He tells me that we need to take a break, and he needs to get over Miranda. Then, he calls me later and specifies that we are broken up because he is 'Still in love with Miranda', saying that it's highly doubtful that we will get back together.I sadly say that it's okay, but ask him what will happen after the break. A few days later, he unfriends Miranda on Facebook. I've made it a point to avoid him, avoid eye contact, and try not to be around him.It was the beginning of the school year, when I started to hang out with him. One day I had the courage to tell him about my feelings. They've known each other for 2 weeks, have never met face to face, and don't even know each other's birthdays. so he thinks everything should be about him, and I HATE HIM. We met on tinder last September (don't try to judge me just because of tinder ok?We shared everything in common and soon became best friends, like brother and sister. He was surprised and said that he would think about it. I am sure that I will get over him and continue my happy life but for now, I hope he suffers as I did. And dear significant other, if you are reading this I wish you get dumped for every time you hurt my feelings! My best friend was working at her grandpas snow-cone stand on Monday, and the guard on the ice machine lifted somehow, and the blade cut half of her right middle finger off. This boy gets angry that I am the one going to the doctor with her, and not him (let me remind you that we have been best friends for 6 years, and he hasn't even met her face to face). We had made plans to go to Starbucks for tea while they hung out. ) when I saw his profile, I immediately know that he's just a tourist.As days, weeks, months passed I started to notice something different about him and me. After about half an hour he said that he accepts my feelings and wants to be a couple. Suddenly we started fighting over and over again it was horrible, I went to the point of breaking up a lot of times but I resisted the temptation hoping he would change. Yesterday, I took her to the mall to cheer her up, and set up a surprise meeting between them. Usually I just swipe left but I swiped right and we got a match! He asked me about any nice place to go (of course he's tourist) and I suggested many places.

I wanted to be all the time with him and when we were together my heart skipped a beat. But one time he did something horrible to me, something I thought he would never do. We started to talk about our counties and cultural differences and everything the whole day and it was really fun. We had a very very fun night because we had endless topics and then we met everyday during his stay.

So MY PARENTS and my sister-in-law's parents show up, as well, and my dad pays for everyone. I tell him quietly that I hadn't thought they would all be there. Later, at his house, we played video games and my brother and his wife come knocking at the door, saying they found out where I was.

Travis acts all creeped out, and they say that they asked where Travis lived and someone told them, easy enough to comprehend.

I think this is weird, but I don't comment on it, worried about him.

That weekend, he invites me over to his aunt's house and we eat dinner with them.

But, he actually liked one of my friends(not a big suprise, a lot of guys do).