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Chemical dating uraninite

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Oxidized zone Oxidized zone refers to the portion of an ore body that has been altered by downward percolating groundwater and which contains dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide.However, we do not entirely reject the possibility of neo-mineralization.The discrete events deciphered from uraninite in the Samarkiya area can also be broadly linked to some major magmatic-metamorphic events, identified from other independent studies, in the ADFB.For example, the earliest ∼1.88 Ga event displayed by basement uraninite is most likely related to a pervasive magmatic-metamorphic event (∼1.86–1.82 Ga) that affected the basement, whereas the last/latest event ∼1.01–0.96 Ga can be linked to a pervasive metamorphic event that affected perhaps the entire ADFB.This last episode can also be linked to the tectono-thermal event related to the Rodinian amalgamation.Orthoclase Orthoclase has the formulae KAl Si3O8 and a relative hardness of 6.

It is used in the manufacture of porcelin and for other industrial purposes.

In the Samarkiya area, located at the central part of the Aravalli-Delhi Fold Belt (ADFB), uranium mineralization is hosted both by the basement Mangalwar Complex and the overlying supracrustal rocks of the Pur-Banera belt.

The present study aims to appraise the geochemical and temporal evolution of uranium mineralization from the basement and the adjoining supracrustals in the Samarkiya area integrating textural features, geochemistry, and in situ U-Th-Pb dating of uraninite.

The ∼1.24–1.20 Ga event appears to be somewhat enigmatic in the context of well-known geological events in the area.

However, based on some very recently published data, we interpret this to be a post-peak metamorphic (∼1.37–1.35 Ga) hydrothermal event or even a new metamorphic event, hitherto unknown.

Although none of the pristine, unaltered uraninites that formed during the above mentioned events contain significant intrinsic minor or rare earth elements, the basement uraninites are consistently much enriched in thorium compared to those from the supracrustal.