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Before we had ever dated I told my mother that I had met the girl whom I was going to marry. Soon after returning from my Irish Mission, I was appointed Superintendent of the Wellsville Ward Sunday School.

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Smith and set apart as a member of the Hyrum Stake High Council.We are steadfast in our faith that the family ties made in this short life are only the beginning of an eternal relationship.As time passes and the family continues to grownot only in numbers but in righteousness, ability, and willingness to serve our Father in Heavenmay we always love and support each other. ACKNOWLEDGMENT This volume has been made possible by the help and contributions from most of my family members, as well as some of my many friends.The Wahlquist Junior High School was just built and I was assigned to be principal, then after several years I was transferred to be principal of the North Ogden Junior High School where I remained until the Junior High Schools were consolidated.In 1950 I returned to Wahlquist Junior High School where I spent my last eight years in the public schools.During my teaching career I have served three terms as President of the Weber County Educational Association.

Several years as an officer of the state Secondary Principals Association, President of the English Teachers of the state, many terms as a member of the House of Delegates of the Utah Education Association, and as a representative of the state of Utah to National Education Conventions in Boston, St. I have directed several state studies on the evaluation of the Junior High School, Team Teaching, etc. I have also served one term as mayor of the city of North Ogden. I was assigned to direct the humanities: English, languages, art, music, dramatics, etc.

This came as quite a shock because I felt that it meant an end to my hopes for a college education.

Yet I had always felt that I owed a great debt to the Church for bringing my parents into the Church and for the many blessings we enjoyed in Zion.

Shirl has freely contributed printing presses and professional know how.

They have unselfishly given of their time and talentsas well as much needed encouragement for the furtherance and completion of this work. Twelve of us passed the examination which was given in Logan by the State Board of Education. An eighth grade diploma was considered to terminate ones education.

However, in four years I had completed three years of high school.