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STI withheld petitioners prize a South Korea trip termed Travel Incentive Award for the Winners Circle for STI fiscal year 2003-2004 pending the final result of the investigations being conducted by STI relative to irregularities and violations of company policies allegedly committed by petitioner.

Prior to that, on May 25, 2004, during the 17th STI Leaders Convention held in Panglao, Bohol, petitioners achievement as a Silver Awardee for the 2004 STI Winners Circle Awards was announced, but she did not attend, claiming that she was too embarrassed to attend owing to the events leading to her transfer, which to her was a demotion. The merger was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 12, 2003. was executed between STI and STI College Makati (Inc.), whereby the latter would be absorbed by STI.Meanwhile, with respect to petitioners May 24, 2004 letter, it appears that Fernandez did not submit a comment or answer thereto.Jacob approved Fernandezs recommendations, and on June 21, 2004, a Memorandum was issued placing petitioner under preventive suspension and banning her entry to any of STIs premises effective June 22, 2004 up to July 16, 2004, citing (an) Audit investigation being conducted relative to the offenses for which petitioner was charged, namely: from Briones dated June 23, 2004, this time stating that charges have already been filed against her allegedly based on the Audit Findings, yet making reference to the June 21, 2004 Memorandum and without informing petitioner of the particulars of the charges or the results of the audit. up from the P27,000.00 salary petitioner was then receiving.

In June 2000, petitioner was promoted to the position of Dean under ASD, and assigned to STI College-Guadalupe (STI-Guadalupe), where she served as Dean from June 5, 2000 up to October 28, 2002.

ICO, When another employee is soon after appointed to a position which the employer claims has been abolished, while the employee who had to vacate the same is transferred against her will to a position which does not exist in the corporate structure, there is evidently a case of illegal constructive dismissal. At STI, petitioner served under contract from June 1997 to March 1998.

Ico, Petitioner, versus National Labor Relations Commission (First Division), Systems Technology Institute, Inc., Monico V. (STI) is an educational institution duly incorporated, organized, and existing under Philippine laws. STI offers pre-school, elementary, secondary and tertiary education, as well as post-graduate courses either through franchisees or STI wholly-owned schools.

Now that we will be parting ways, I am still hoping that you can tell [sic] the violations that I made, if there is any.

Incidentally, by this time, petitioner had garnered the following awards and distinctions:1) Silver Awardee, 2004 STI Winners Circle Awards, 17th STI Leaders Convention;2) STI Academic Winners Circle Award as Dean of STI-Guadalupe given at the 2002 STI Leaders Convention;3) Academic Head of the Year for 2002, as Dean of STI-Guadalupe; and4) 2001 STI Winners Circle, as Academic Head, STI-Guadalupe.

Main Index Law Library Philippine Laws, Statutes & Codes Latest Legal Updates Philippine Legal Resources Significant Philippine Legal Resources Worldwide Legal Resources Philippine Supreme Court Decisions United States Jurisprudence G. updated petitioners appointment as COO, Job Grade Manager B with a gross monthly salary of P37,483.58.