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Colonial dating and marriage

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For the men and women who came of age after the Revolution, selecting a marriage partner was the most important decision of their lives.

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Of course, this promise extended only to native-born or naturalized white males who owned land—men such as William Smith. Pictured at his country estate alongside his grandson, Smith is cast as a worthy contender for public office: a man who has cultivated his mind and his family as well as his property.Traditionally, a portrait like this would hang alongside pictures of illustrious ancestors and the household’s young children—an imposing display that demonstrated the family’s past roots and future promise.Peale’s 1775 portrait hints at the beginning of the next generation.As the mistress of Brandon, a large plantation south of the James River, Elizabeth Page Harrison—both in person and in her portrait—reflected the wealth and social standing of her husband, Benjamin.Wearing a sumptuous dress and a refined expression, Mrs.At a time when the nation’s fate was closely linked to the virtue of its citizens, female influence was considered a powerful force, especially during courtship. 1790 – 95, Paul Revere II (British American, Boston, Massachusetts, 1735 – 1818), silver; wood handle, 6.25 x 11.75 x 3.625 (teapot) in./1 x 7.375 x 5.25 (stand) in. Few could afford exquisite vessels such as the neoclassical teapot, created by Paul Revere II, that you see here.

(15.88 x 29.85 x 9.21 [teapot] cm./2.54 x 18.73 x 13.34 [stand] cm.). Still, many middle- and upper-class Americans shared the familiar ritual of preparing and drinking this hot, fragrant beverage. Careless tea drinkers, much like courting couples, could be easily burned.

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Cabell III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation and the Arthur and Margaret Glasgow Fund 75.11 After the American Revolution, the newly established United States offered exciting possibilities for individual freedom and political participation.

Where would Americans learn the virtues necessary to preserve this new and seemingly fragile form of government? In 18th-century thought, the institution of marriage was a microcosm of society.

"A very extraordinary method of courtship, which is sometimes practised amongst the lower people of this province, and is called Tarrying, has given occasion to this reflection.