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Those rooms are annoying, like the smoke knows to stop at your door and not go in. The shittier the country, the more luxurious the hotel. You must really be a masochist to voluntarily put up with that hell.That’s about it as far as the hotel’s responsibility to you. I don’t feel as bad for airport security, we give them a hard time but they usually deserve it.

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Ignore that undercover news report you saw online about how the glasses get cleaned in hotel rooms, sometimes with the same rag that was just used to wipe off the toilet. Some people use the shower cap as a condom for the remote control and phone receiver.You’ll do all your dirty stuff in a hotel room, the messy things you don’t want to do at home, like dying your hair or having period sex.I used to try to keep the room as clean as possible, as a favor to the maid. I put a liner in the trash can which I’m sure helps a lot.The plan is to come back on Friday, since I’ve promised to help with a teacher in-service on Saturday.I enjoy doing these, since we get so many new teachers on the North Slope every year.Airline people get a little too comfortable and start taking things for granted. Even though all rooms are different you’ll try to keep a basic set-up and routine. You’ll keep your suitcase in same place in every single room. I don’t bother with the drawers, it’s just too much work to unpack and then repack a few hours later. When we get in we all set up the bathroom how we want it.

We have the toiletries laid out just so and our uniform hung neatly in the closet.

The hotel should have food available 24/7, or at least very near food.

You’re always given the option of a non-smoking room, which however, may be a floor that allows smoking. You’ll find that some of your crew members are way too particular when they request their room. I feel so sorry for anyone that has to deal with pilots and flight attendants, mostly van drivers and hotel staff.

So roughly a fourth of your year/life will be spent in hotel rooms. The airlines have promised you certain things when it comes to accommodation on the job.

You’re not supposed to be on the bottom floor for safety reasons.

If you only do five three-day Europe trips then you’ll start at the 60 mark.