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Dating a santero

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Shadows and Dreams When my daughter was born, I started having dreams, well they were more like nightmares. The dream was that there was this spirit in my daughter’s room at night and the spirit would bother her and wouldn’t let her sleep.

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When I was dating the spath, at first, he seemed so innocent and shy.The first shocker story came from his participation in the drug business in the country he grew up in.Not until after I was married, did I find out that was one of the main reasons he came to the United States; he was running from the authorities.There was a time his family members had to hide him in a basement for long periods of time to escape going to prison. No friends or family wanted to house him in the US because of the chaos of his reputation from home.I married him under the pretense that the drug business was in his past and he was a changed person now.He also said there was a time when he sold his soul to Satan. Change There was always a lot of change around the house.

I was putting his clothes away one day and I found that he still had his beads hidden in his sock drawer. I kept asking myself, what is going on with all this change?!

There were also a couple dreams when the same thing happened to one of my dogs.

I was so afraid of the demon that I was left speechless unable to cast it out.

Although I did find out that when I visited his country the first go-around I had had body guards of which I was unaware because of that exact thing.

However, after a “family trip” in the last year of our marriage I had noticed he spent a lot of time with his ex brother in law, and he was loaded, loaded with tons of cash.

He would tell me how witches would run on the tops of the houses at night, sneak into little kids rooms and sit in the corner to scare them.