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Dating for rock music lovers

Make up fun little songs to let him know it's bathtime, naptime, or time for a feeding.

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Ever notice how your baby's eyes brighten when you play a familiar CD or sing a lullaby?She'll get a thrill (and a giggle) from correcting you. Take your child to see a kids' performer in concert, where no one will mind that she toddles around as she listens.Give your kid lots of opportunities to move and groove, and ask him how different types of music make him feel.* Have him repeat a beat.Songs can also calm young kids by reducing their stress-hormone levels. Best of all, music is a great way to bond with Mommy and Daddy.Babies: First Notes Music helps you communicate with your baby, build his sense of security, and soothe him. Don't worry if it's off-key: Your baby loves the sound of your voice -- especially when you make eye contact.* Match his pitch.Play classical music, and have your child act out a scene to match the mood.

He might pretend he's a horse galloping (during a fast stanza) and then mimic falling asleep (as it winds down). Let your child touch and experiment with different instruments -- whether real or kid-size -- to pique his interest.

If the setting is kid-friendly (and the musicians give their permission), let him go onstage afterward and see the instruments up close.

By the time your child starts elementary school, she has distinct musical tastes -- and is ready to start learning to play an instrument.* Change the station.

That's because music is much more than just a diversion for a child.

A hefty stack of research shows that rhythm and melody help spark memory, imagination, language skills, and reasoning ability.

Find things to compliment ("I like how clear you sound") so she doesn't feel self-conscious about her voice.* Get involved.