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Dating gerber mark ii knife

When I left the service I gave that one to a good friend of mine in the hopes it would be as useful to him as it was to me.Picked up a 2nd one a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. Bragg, NC and lost the 1 he had many years ago on a jump.

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One of the best-selling knives of all time, the Mark II is the benchmark against which other tactical knives are measured.I had it with me all over the world, I used the knife from 1973 till I retired in 2000.In that time I seen many changes it gear, but the knife stayed the same. Had to use it twice for what it was made for and was happy to have it.A commemorative quality look-alike without the black blade coating and serrations would boost sales for your current "standard" and would send collectors into a case of the vapors... I loved that knife and so did someone else as they stole it. I bought my Gerber Mark II when I was air crew on a helicopter when I was in the US Army, 501St Combat Aviation Battalion, Nuremberg Germany. I was issued the standard Aviator Survival Vest, but not a knife. I just today got it back from Gerber, I had the factory reshape and sharpen the knife. I was issued a small plastic switchblade in jump school. Gave it to one of my NCOs when I departed in 1979 for OCONUS tour.A limited run of high-end knives could put a little excitement back in your current line of double-edgers. I guess the Army did not think that we rated a survival Knife. When I got to my new unit, I had my father purchase one and send it to me. But, for dispatching bad guys or bad critters, the Mk II is perfect.First introduced in 1966, this combat knife has stood the test of time.

Specifically designed for combat applications, the black oxide coated 420HC blade is double serrated.

Better quality steel and zero grind again please, I would happily pay 4 times this price for one made to the original standard.

These are still a exellent knife and a bargin just nowear as good as the early ones.

Picked up my first Mark II in the '70's, carried it in Vietnam, Korea, etc., then gave it to my oldest son serving in Special Forces. Purchased one in the late '80's and gave it to my #2 son when he joined the Corps and replaced it for my own use.

Just gave that one to my Grandson after he graduated from basic in MCRD San Diego - guess I will have to get me yet another one... Sharpened to literally Razor Sharp, could shave hair off arm. Seriously, started thinking about buying a Gerber Mark II.

In 1966, Gerber introduced the Mark II fixed blade and the rest, as they say, is history.