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Dating ideas in riverside ca

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shrine (which would be a pretty damn cool date), but the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens are probably the most zen place in LA that you've never heard of. But at this early stage, no dinner date this side of a double-quarter pounder with cheese is realistically gonna cost under $20. Afterwards, grab two coffees ($3 each) from the cart in the Courtyard, have a seat in the Central Garden and get to know each other in one of the most beautiful settings in town.There’s a meditation garden, lily ponds and many areas with great views of the city to inspire some meaningful convos. You may have a great hike in mind that winds through the Santa Monica Mountains with sweeping ocean views and a waterfall at its peak, but here's the thing: huffing and puffing for air isn't the best way to have a conversation when you’re just getting to know each other. Descanso Gardens in La Cañada is about as picturesque as it gets and you won’t break a sweat even if you haven’t worked out since 1999.

And really think about who you’re with and what they’d be into when designing a date—whether you swiped right ten minutes ago or have Facebook official status.Register below to win Ken Nugent’s “Classroom Cash” for the chance to WIN $500 for school supplies.This year, TWO winners will be selected each week and announced during the Falcons pregame broadcast.It's actually exciting, energizing and is sure to amass talking points for some meaningful conversation afterward. A straight out of the ‘50s place with old timey booths, a counter that runs the length of the place and maybe even a claw game in the foyer where you can try to win a The idea of spending an afternoon roaming endless halls, pretending to be interested in 12th century sporks and butter churners sounds like the complete opposite of a good time.The Slam happens the third Tuesday of every month, but if you don't want to wait, there are also weekly open mics. That’s why a museum is usually a terrible date idea early on … And, it’s entirely free with the exception of $15 parking (after 4 pm, it’s $10).What better way to usher in fall than with a stellar Oktoberfest celebration in Atlanta.

Atlanta has a strong German community, and that community can be felt each year during Oktoberfest.

You two can stand next to each other as those Progresso cans come barreling down the assembly line all I Love Lucy candy factory-style. On a weekend morning, you'll be transported to another place and time.

So put on your own fashion show, get some bacon-wrapped hot dogs and churros from a street vendor, and share a real LA moment together..

And a special thanks to all our teachers throughout the state of Georgia!

Off The Woodwork is back with Craig Carlos-Valentino and soccer insider Jarrett Smith talking Atlanta United season, what's your best memory from the season and what do the 5 Stripes need to do to compete for a Championship next season.

Order a round of drinks, and you've got a classy afternoon in the BH on a SMC-student budget.