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What is often not realized is not all Immigrants entering the United States were processed at Ellis Island many were never required to undergo processing only those who arrived on "steerage" or third class passengers were processed at Ellis Island.First and second class passengers who arrived in New York Harbor were not required to undergo the inspection process at Ellis Island.

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Sam Phillips was away at the time, so the singer left a temporary address, 951 Peabody Street, Memphis, and a message at the end of the tape... These songs was written by Trice Garner and Lee Ausborn".Joe Manuel wrote the song in the early 1940s and it become much requested both in his radio mail bag and in live performance.Joe went through more than one divorce in his life and his heartfelt lyric obviously found a ready audience for the hard luck themes he unveiled here.Car engines continued to get bigger and more powerful and gas cost 29 cents.Following the discovery of a vaccine against Polio, the first mass vaccination of children against begins.Then Bill Diehl, a bass player and country bandleader in Memphis came up with the view that this artist was undoubtedly Gene Steele.

Steele was known as the ''Singing Salesman'' and appeared on Memphis radio for over 20 years.

The alimony theme had first been recorded in 1928 by Buddy Baxter on Victor, and then in 1933 by Bill Cox and by Jimmie Davis. None of these songs is the same as Joe Manuel's though, whose recording is one of the best country performances on the new box set.

Like ''Alimony Blues'', ''Daisy Bread Boogie'' had us thrown for several years and the reference to ''Pennington'' had us checking out a string of singers to no avail.

Subsequent enquiries of the Steele family appeared to support this, though unfortunately Steele himself died just before the search begin.

The real performer of ''Alimony Blues'' was also a radio veteran.

His recording is a very fine country performance that would have sat nicely on a yellow Sun 78 in about 1953, or come to that on a Bluebird 78 circa 1940.