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Dating orrefors crystal

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From 1905 to 1920, the designs made there were heavily influenced by two other glass companies: Tiffany and Steuben.

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At the same time, they continued creating new colors.The Fenton Gift Shop, located in the same building, also has a large quantity of glass remaining in their inventory.Visitors to the factory can watch the beadmaking demonstrations and purchase Fenton Art Glass.After a spring and summer of celebrating beer, Orrefors will now be leaving the pubs behind, assured that we’ve given beer lovers three stunning glasses to enjoy their favorite brew. The success of dishwasher safe multipack crystal glasses continues and our new products for this autumn are no exception.With a modern expression in a classic shape Orrefors launches the SKY series with three models: Highball, Old Fashioned and Double Old Fashioned.Towards the end of the Great Depression they also produced perfume bottles for the Wrisley Company in 1938.

The bottles were made in French opalescent glass with the hobnail pattern.

Buy one or combine several, Revolution takes up its individual space or blends in, depending on the context and the occasion. As icebergs adrift after thaw at one of the two poles, the series Glacial has been created with its four pieces.

Sprawling, chilly and dangerously beautiful the two vases and bowls mimic the contours of an iceberg when it sticks up above the surface.

These glasses rest comfortable and natural in your hand and their effortless design makes them perfect for navigating the Skybar scene. With its softly rounded cup and hard angular bone, the series flirts with both the classic and the modern.

The combination is as crystal clear as obvious and the glasses stand out and adorn the trendy dinner table.

In 2015, Fenton’s glass bead jewelry business was purchased by John Barton Company of Philadelphia, PA.