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Every type of offender may be accepted, and those who are free to cycle the island’s tracks and fish in the surrounding waters.

By giving inmates more responsibility, comfort, and freedom within the prison walls, governors say they are offering prisoners the chance to change.With fewer than 15 open prisons in the UK, our system is focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation.However, the results of loosening our hold on prisoners and granting them more responsibility are clear.Equipping prisoners with skills and confidence is crucial in bringing down reoffending rates.Prison radio offers a unique, innovative and effective way to communicate with prisoners and engage them in education, debate and community.” In addition to equipping inmates for life after imprisonment, the station also gives convicts something essential to successful rehabilitation: hope.One of several prison programmes aimed at lowering reoffending rates, content for the Sony Award-winning NPR station is presented and produced by prisoners.

As the Prison Radio Association spokespeople said: “Reducing reoffending is of benefit to everybody.

"The UK's ban on prisoners voting serves no useful purpose, while damaging efforts to rehabilitate prisoners and reduce reoffending.

"Voting is a right, not a privilege, and the Government is doing the right thing by acting now to overturn this outdated and illegal ban." Former justice secretary Lord Falconer said he disagreed with the European Court of Human Rights ruling but accepted that the Government had to comply with it.

"I disagree with that conclusion but it's what their view is and we have ultimately got to comply with it." John Hirst, a convicted kilelr, who took the case to the European Court of Human Rights, said: "The whole thing about this is that in this system where you've got a democracy, that people can put pressure and lobby in Parliament for changes in the law and improved conditions, but you can't do that if you haven't got the vote.

"All prisoners can do is riot, if they've got a complaint, so you've got to give them this legitimate channel to bring their issue in." For months, the Government’s lawyers have tried to find a way to avoid allowing 70,000 British inmates the right to take part in ballots.

Alan Weston, currently serving his second rape sentence at HMP Frankland, complained to prison newspaper Inside Time this month saying he couldn’t access National Prison Radio (NPR) on his new digital system.