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Dating someone you find unattractive

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My male friend and I have been platonic friends for over 5 years. Two years ago he expressed an interest in dating me.I resisted because he is not my type physically or spiritually.

I tried, but I still yearned for more from other people.My question is this, is it wrong to not date someone because you dont find them attractive and you dont like their spiritual views?I always believed that you should find someone whos like minded and you find them attractive.He doesnt see the need to attend church, read the Bible, or abstain from pre-marital sex.Hell go to church or read the Bible when he feels like it but he has adamantly expressed that he doesnt see the need for Christians to do this to help with their faith.A year ago, I tried dating him because everyone told me that I should consider it because he was so good to me.

He treated me the way I always wanted to be treated as far as being a gentleman, sensitivity, etc.

It was so bad that I would date other people (the wrong type) while trying to talk myself into focusing on him because I was so bored and unfulfilled.

I decided to go back to platonic friendship, focus on improving my relationship with God, but my friend swears up and down that hes my God-sent husband.

Hes what you would call an "intellectual." He makes God seem like a sci-fi spirit that has no emotion, etc.

Hes told me many times that he thinks tithing is a sham and the Bible cant be trusted because people have tampered with it. Hes also the type that doesnt care about his physical appearance or clean surroundings, which is a major turn-off.

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