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Dating violence education in schools

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“We couldn’t get the Senate to agree to make it mandatory,” Conklin said.

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Conklin said he is happy with the recommendation language that made it into law, but like other dating abuse and domestic violence advocates, he feels a law mandating schools to adopt such policies would be more effective.But he is worried funding cuts passed in this year’s budget could prevent schools from developing effective policies.“With the school funding troubles this year, it’s a real challenge to get them to pick up new programs,” Cuccia said.I absolutely believe that adults can, and should, and will push back.” John Mullarky serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for killing Demi Brae.Ellen Kramer, managing attorney for the coalition, said the recommendations are “still a work in progress, though we’re pleased with what we have been able to accomplish so far.” “We would have preferred mandates as well,” Kramer said.

“It’s up to all of us as adults, especially those adults in the schools who have a tremendous impact on our young people’s lives, to push back against the parts of our culture that perpetuate some of these violent behaviors.

Once released, the guidelines could help schools teach students, parents and teachers to recognize the signs of dating abuse and how to respond appropriately when dating violence occurs.

The department released a draft of the dating violence education and response guidelines last week.

“But the reality of the situation is that we have kids whose parents are unable to be there for them, kids whose parents aren’t around to teach these things.

These things don’t always get discussed.” Cuccia said he is optimistic about the progress his organization and other dating violence awareness groups have made educating schools and the state on dating violence.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the House, but after stalling in the Senate, it was amended in part into the 2010 school code that passed alongside last year’s state budget.