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Dating weekend trip

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I still laugh about some of the moments we shared together in the car, including the time my sister’s gum fell in her eye while sleeping!

This will determine how many backseat activities and road trip car surprises you need to prepare!Each member of my family would get to pick 2-3 songs to add to the CD, and we would listen to the entire mix while driving to our destination!If you are traveling with your family, create a fun CD mix/playlist before you leave!Cruising through the Mediterranean can lead you to a number of destinations from Spain, France, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt and Greece into the Middle ... I remember growing up, some of the greatest adventures my family experienced were during our AMAZING road trips!Staying organized is the key to enjoying your family vacation to the Walt Disney World resort. airline industry collects several billion dollars in fees from passengers checking baggage. Bringing food to Italy by flight is permissible under certain conditions.

When you're toting kids, snacks and souvenirs all ... Be aware of the restrictions of both the airline and customs – both ...

Give each family member a card and have them look out the window to find the items on their Bingo sheet!

This is the PERFECT activity to keep little hands busy during a long drive!

Israel is a melting pot of cultures and religions and home to important sites from Judaism, Islam and Christianity, including the Western Wall and ...

Peru is a country of striking contrasts, from the rugged peaks of the Andes mountains to cities home to both traditional marketplaces and wild ... When you're cruising to Alaska, you're not likely to spend all day in a swimsuit as you would on cruises to warmer destinations -- but even on those ...

See where gold was discovered—shop stores housed in historic buildings dating back to the 1870’s—sleep in a romantic B&B or historic hotel—sample Julian’s famous apple pie —hike and picnic amid oaks and pines—ride down Main Street in a horse-drawn carriage.