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Join The Fun Singles San Jose group and start meeting new people.

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With their approach they explore a new kind of journalism - a very direct narrative form combined with an artistic presentation.Either way, a good time out will make your week more interesting.We know and you know that online dating and dating apps suck.Ignite you social life and start expanding your social circle in real life. My curious expat friends and I set out on an adventure last year, but failed…My experience: I was nervous about going into the blind dating pub, but once I forced myself to go in there and started talking, everything was fine. You will see a lively street full of restaurants and cafes. https:// It is located between Hongdae station, Hapjeong station, and Sangsu station. Or walk straight uphill from Sangsu station exit 1.

I got to practice a lot of my Korean speaking skills, so I might go back just for that. It is fairly close to the Hongdae Children’s Park, which is a famous landmark among those living in Seoul. https:// Opened August 2014 Solo Pocha seems to be also located in Busan, Bupyeong, Seomyeon, and Suyu.

So one plan-less Friday night, a pair of female expats in Seoul challenged themselves to step foot into a Korean blind dating pub. At the place I went to, the instructions were on the last page of the menu.

Step 3: The worker responsible for setting up dates will come to you to ask you about your age, and how fluent you are in Korean if you’re a foreigner.

Their food and drinks were also pretty expensive, so we just walked out without ordering anything.

We instead went to a place diagonally across from that place called “Solo Pocha(쏠로포차),” which was a little bit brighter, more quiet, and affordable.

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