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Also, a random party member (except for Sebastian) will participate in dialogue with Aveline.

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Do this until Hawke gets fed up and confronts Donnic and Aveline.Initially Aveline will be frightened of what Donnic might do, but he appears soon and reassures her that he has no intention of leaving and in fact, he's interested too.Shortly after that she thanks Hawke for all the help.She orders Hawke back to the barracks to head this off.Note: There are six traps total: two Standard-ranked traps (20 Cunning to detect and disarm, 100 XP each) near the first signal fire, one Standard trap and one Simple-ranked trap (10 Cunning, 50 XP) near the second signal fire, and two Standard traps near the third signal fire.Once Hawke returns to Aveline, she asks them to post the duty roster this time.

After Hawke does as she asks and reports Donnic's negative reaction, she will finally admit she was attempting to court Donnic, just doesn't know how to do it. If a romanced companion is in the party, there will be an awkward exchange if Hawke questions Aveline about her crush.

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The only group of any particular concern is the second, which contains several archers and an Assassin, but by now you should have a good understanding of how to deal with them.

It may be a good idea to pull the initial group back down to the first signal fire, if you need the buffer between waves.

In the ensuing conversation Hawke (or their companion) reveals Aveline's motives to Donnic.