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Debby ryan dating niall horan

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A source told ET that the two were definitely kissing at the star-studded bash.Selena later fueled the dating rumors when she not so subtly supported One Direction over her ex, Justin Bieber, on Instagram.

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They reunited in December at 106.1 KISS FM's Jingle Ball 2015."We're still friends," she told Goulding and Sheeran sparked romance rumors in 2013 when they were seen holding hands at the MTV VMAs.Ryan: I got to a point in a relationship that I was in where I realized that every relationship … Love is freaking hard, and fighting for a relationship is so much work and can be so beautiful, and if you’re going to fight so hard for something that does not make you stronger and better and build you up, something’s wrong. FOX411: No one would think that someone like you dominating in your career would be in an abusive relationship. I felt like because I had things in control over my career, I probably had things in control in all facets, which means I probably wanted this.And I think that we, or I, or whatever, are taught that here are signs that your relationship, something is wrong. I probably wanted someone to fight for me and to get jealous and crazy.Ryan: For me I’m very fortunate because I had people, when I got to that point, which I don’t want any of my friends to ever get to, that point, I don’t want anyone who hears about this to get to that point. Ryan: That was so hard, because of this is in some way being convinced or trained to justify it and to deny it, and that was a huge thing. ” People who didn’t see what it was but we’re like, “Ok, you’re on hour nine hanging out and you want to have a one hour girls’ night and he’s inviting himself along, and he won’t let you leave are you sure you want to hang out with him? I want people to know, don’t look away, that’s the whole slogan for this, if you see this happening to your friend. I had people fighting for me saying, “I feel like this isn’t right? ” People asking me questions was a little bit of what woke me up but I think it was definitely a moment. When Instagram user @disneylandgomez asked the question, "My friend likes jb and 1d but idk which one to get him?

magazine, which features her on the cover of its April 2016 issue, about her past relationship with One Direction member Niall Horan, 22, and rumors involving another pop star, Ed Sheeran, 25.

Debby Ryan, the star of Disney’s hit show "Jessie," may seem to have it all, but her fans may be surprised to know the actress/singer was once in an abusive romantic relationship.

Ryan has teamed with cosmetic company Mary Kay to bring awareness to the issue of dating abuse, which they say impacts one in three young people today.

The 21-year-old aspiring director spoke with FOX411 about her abusive relationship, and how she gained the strength to finally get out of it.

FOX411: Why did you partner with Mary Kay for the Don’t Look Away program?

"I think he's a really nice guy and a brilliant musician.