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Following table lists the five Laṭāif of the Command-World: The Qalb (heart) is located two finger-widths below the left nipple in the chest, somewhat oriented towards the side.When the shaykh teaches this lesson to a new seeker, he places his right index finger on this place and says “Allāh Allāh Allāh”, while exerting his spiritual Tawajjuh on his heart (this method is only for men, women are taught verbally).The method of Zikr is this: the disciple, after being taught this lesson by the master, starts proclaiming the Personal Name of God, Allāh Allāh Allāh, in his heart by way of meditation.Many doctors view dhat as a folk diagnostic term used in India to refer to anxiety and hypochondriacal concerns associated with the discharge of semen, with discoloration of the urine, and feelings of weakness and exhaustion.Dhat is thought to be a culture-bound syndrome similar to jiryan (South-East Asia), prameha (Sri Lanka), and shen-k'uei (China).At other times, marked feelings of guilt associated with what the patient assumes is "excessive" masturbation are noted.

This is based on an old Hindu belief that it takes forty drops of blood to create a drop of bone marrow and forty drops of bone marrow to create a drop of sperm.

It is often related with obsessive ruminations and somatoform symptoms.

Others see it as a distinct clinical entity which is less culture-bound than these critics assert, and describe it as one form of a syndrome of "semen-loss anxiety" which also occurs in other Eastern cultures as jiryan and shen-k'uei, as well as in Western cultures.

Chlamydia infection might also be related to it because of similar symptoms in case of infection of the urethra (urethritis), which is usually symptomatic, causing a white discharge from the penis with or without pain on urinating (dysuria).

The most exalted spiritual path Naqshbandiyyah starts from ten Laṭāif (plural of Laṭīfa), which literally translates to subtlety.

Initially, it might be hard to do this Zikr at all times due to external distractions.