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Dirty adult cam roulette

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The timer begins ticking while the host asks the first question.After every ten seconds, one drop zone opens on the play field.

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The four contestants are each given $150 at the beginning of the episode, and questions in the first round are all worth that same amount.If they are correct, that contestant wins $150 and becomes the challenger for the next question.If they guess incorrectly, they lose all their money to the challenger and must play Russian Roulette by pulling the handle in front of them to rotate the drop zones in play around the six trapdoors.After each additional question, another drop zone is added, increasing the odds that the contestant will be eliminated after providing an incorrect answer.From the fifth question onward, there are always five drop zones.One contestant is shown a question and must challenge an opponent to answer it.

The challenged contestant is then shown three possible answers and has 10 seconds to choose the right answer.

On all versions of Russian Roulette outside of the U. K., Portugal, and Poland (in season two), there are also displays of the contestants' heart rates on the screen (examples include Russia's versions), and most versions even have the contestants themselves asking questions to their opponents.

There is also a camera underneath each of the trapdoors to catch footage of the contestant dropping from another angle.

The number of red lights on the field indicates the number of active drop zones.

At the start of the round there is only one drop zone active.

The winning contestant is moved to the top-left zone and has 60 seconds to answer five "brain-teaser" questions correctly.