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Dropdownlist selected value not updating

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I get -1 in the Selected Value, the only property I have is the text and I would not want to rely on that to update the DB.Is there any way to get at least the Selected Value?

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I have one problem and that is, if I pick another value on the dropdown list it does not update either cookie or dropdown list. This is the dropdown list created in the gridview pager template: When I step through the code of the Selected Index Changed method, I can see that ddl Page Size. It seems that when it goes to read the cookie it finds two copies of Page Size and I can also see that inside the Cookies folder a new one is created each time. My issue was that I was setting the Name of the drop down list to be equal to the property on my model.I was using the Entity Framework, and had an Image class with a navigation property called Category.For some really annoying reason it is still skiping over the Fitter property in the edit function when I debug it.Possibly it is something to do with what you mention above - delete the connection string.Hi, I have two related comboboxes (copied the code from

The problem is that I have another button on the page that invokes a 'save' function where I want to extract the selectedvalue to save in the DB.

Now I suggest you open a support ticket and send us a project showing the issue there and describe how to reproduce it.

We will investigate the case and will provide more specific assistance and information.

If there’s a match, the selected value of the Select List is overridden.

Changing the name of the drop down is all it takes to remedy the issue.

I have an Post Action Result in the controller as follows: // // POST: /Orders/Edit/2 //[Accept Verbs(Http Verbs. Post)] public Action Result Edit(int id, Form Collection form Values) I've debugged it, and the problem I'm having is that the new property I've added to the Model is not being hit. Is it necessary to delete the table from the designer and add it again every time I make a change to the underlying database? Best practice that I used with L2S and EF every time : delete the DESIGNER file and recreate from database (please be sure to delete from config file the connection string if are you creating at setup designer file ) Thanks for the advice here again.