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Drupal aggregator not updating

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I imagine some situation where the update was already performed and uploaded to the database outside of the module.

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If no message is returned, no message will be presented to the user.If an update partially fails, how can one force the update to fail gracefully without repeating again?Is there some variable that once can manipulate for this?When running cron manually from the Status Report page it simply says cron failed. For each change that requires one or more actions to be performed when updating a site, add a new hook_update_N(), which will be called by Drupal Update Exception|PDOException In case of error, update hooks should throw an instance of Drupal Update Exception with a meaningful message for the user.

If a database query fails for whatever reason, it will throw a PDOException. I wrote a simple update hook function that loads every user (4 at a time) and performs an action on them.

You can manually change the schema version so it won't attempt to run your update again, see! Dave Reid has written a custom drush command that can do this, see If you're using Drush but don't want to install the extension you can also just use the command drush sql-query "UPDATE system SET schema_version = 7001 WHERE name = 'my_custom_module';" I've got a write up on my blog that'll give you a bit more information We're running into an issue where the first update to a module was hooked as my_module_update_7000 instead of 7100.

When we run the updb, it will attempt to run this update even though the module is disabled.

It is recommended that $sandbox['#finished'] is initially set to 0, and then updated each pass to a number between 0 and 1 that represents the overall % completed for this update, finishing with 1.

See the Batch operations topic for more information on how to use the Batch API.

Still, drupal updates the schema in the system table.