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In its heyday at around the time of Christ, Mleiha was one of the largest settlements in the region – a city a mile wide with hundreds of houses and metal-working sites, continuously inhabited for over 500 years from the mid Iron Age until the 1 century AD, when it was abandoned and forgotten, its walls left to crumble and be covered by drifting sand.The partly restored walls of it large square fortified iron foundry, about 200 feet square, are today housed under a metal hangar.

If all goes well down in Arizona, Escobar could return to the Angels' active roster for the final weekend of the regular season.So it’s understandable that archaeology and antiquities are not things that most people associate with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.Yet this desert kingdom has a surprisingly rich history.Right now it's anyone's guess who will close out games in Anaheim, as Blake Parker is also believed to be in the mix.Bedrosian might still be a threat for saves before season's end, but Bud Norris will have to falter first and even if that happens, it's not a lock that Bedrosian will be the choice to step in.After millennia of supporting only a meagre hunter-gatherer existence, the area near the present-day border with Oman was found to be a rare source of copper.

Pretty soon men learned to mine it, extract the metal, and mix it with tin to produce bronze.

He's still interesting, but he's droppable in mixed leagues now.

Yasmani Grandal hit the homer, the first allowed by Bedrosian in 12 innings this year and just the second in 52 1/3 innings since the beginning of last year.

Dubai cultivates an ultra-modern image of dazzling architecture and effortless wealth.

Yet its deserts conceal forgotten cities and a hidden history which reveal how its early inhabitants adapted and overcame dramatic past climate change.

Far from being empty desert, the UAE has many lost cities and archaeological sites that are only now being explored, and which reveal an unexpected story of human development in the Arabian Peninsula – from over 100,000 years ago when humans first ventured ‘out of Africa’, through millennia of a nomadic hunter-gatherer existence, to developing farming and then becoming a major centre for a world-changing technology – bronze.