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Lesson and Courses Subscriptions: 20th day of each calendar month. North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd reserves the right to amend all subscription terms and conditions at any time.2.

Unpaid fees can be paid at any North Lanarkshire Leisure venue or by contacting our Subscriptions office on the undernoted telephone number.Direct Debits should not be cancelled directly with the bank until all agreed fees as indicated above have been paid.In the event where a Direct Debit is cancelled before all fees have been collected from the nominated bank account the full balance of payments will be applied to the members account with North Lanarkshire Leisure and will be due in full immediately.3.Notice of cancellation is accepted at the date the termination is received by North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd.Cancellations will not be valid until confirmation is received by the customer (North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd will usually respond to any request within 14 days).4.Urban Dance Squad influenced many groups all over the world, such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers en Rage Against The Machine.

In The Gwoof, Rudeboy uses his unbridled energy when spitting out his rattling vocals, backed by the angular grooves, heavy bass and impressive organ melodies of Bauw en Bos.

Note: Subscription charges may be increased as a result of this process.3.

The customer will be given no less than 10 working days notification of any forthcoming subscription charge amendment.

Children between 14 and 16 years must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times when using the Fitness Suites, Conditioning Gyms, Health Suites and Fitness Classes.

Note: Supervising adults must be over 18 years and have undertaken the appropriate induction where required.4.

The Gwoof is rocky, steamy and sweaty and serves you a new and original sound.