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He guessed from her youthful look that she was about eighteen or nineteen.

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Then, he looked into those green sparkling eyes and said, "Would you like to stay here at the bar?After having his cock sucked by his twelve year-old sex slave, Mark came home.He was about to call out to see if his girlfriend was home when he heard some strange sounds coming from the living room.That seemingly sleazy nylon fabric knows as pantyhose does such a great things when clinging to her slender legs all the way up to her torso!It makes fair sex so desired and makes them look very sluttish!We can talk and get to know each other." Seeing her smile, Mark thought he was going to get lucky but heard her say, "I'd love to, but I am with some people from work." Mark was disappointed but replied, "OK, no problem.

If you change your mind, I'll be here all on my own." He turned and looked at the TV that was showing some football game.

He gave the back of her hand a soft, sweet kiss and said, "Not a problem, anything for a beautiful young woman such as yourself.

My name is Mark Little." Mark watched with delight as Claire started to blush and he could tell she was about to say something when the barman came over with the drinks she had ordered.

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"If you'd like, may I pay for that round of drinks? My name is Claire Roe," and she held out her hand for him to shake.