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Flake date dating

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In these situations, usually what’s happened is: I couldn’t get it together by the end of the day, don’t want to deal with the stress, and a flake is a much easier way to deal.Women get hit on all the time and basically have an unlimited number of options, so there’s always the chance that I’ve met another guy I’m more attracted to.

The general rule of thumb: one flake is allowed, two if strange circumstances arose. After a long workday or strenuous night prior, if I went out last night with friends, I don’t feel like getting my ass off the couch at 6 p.m.On average, however, men have to deal with it on a much more frequent basis than us women – so it would behoove you to prepare for this and, better yet, prevent it.Yes, I feel bad when I flake, but these days, especially in L. where I live, as women, it has become somewhat the norm. However, I always beat myself up for it when I do flake and try not to make a habit of it. I *think* most men realize this, but they’re unaware of the fact that it’s enough to make me cancel on a date entirely sometimes.Sometimes, men come at me so aggressively that I give them my number in slight fear/annoyance to make them go away, without thinking about how I’m going to deal ahead. There are SIGNS to look for when a girl may be doing this. The initial excitement she felt at the prospect of going out with you has faded as her lifestyle has gotten in the way and you haven’t intercepted.This is preventable, and if it happens, it is your fault. Woo her, but do it in a manner in which you’re always going to be the one in control. She was just a tease Some women intentionally go out and give guys their numbers because they WANT guys they never plan to sleep with chasing them around.If, for some inexplicable reason, she goes totally cold between dates when she seemed into you the last time you saw her in person, consider whether or not you’ve done or said something dumb or annoying. You were a backup to begin with I tend to do this with guys who are generally nice, cool or “okay” guys who I like enough to keep around and/or people I like to have in my social arsenal.

But, these are guys who I won’t ever take seriously or pursue myself. The other guy There’s always a guy in her life that she’ll dump all other plans for, and you could be dealing with a “testing the waters” situation. We don’t always make the smartest or most well-thought-out decisions.

I try to do this as minimally as possible because it is such a F-you.

But pretty girls these days are all guilty of this. It’s your job to keep the line of interest running strong, and to secure a date within a pretty quick time frame without risking the fade-out and fizzle.

We set up a date a few weeks ago and she just bailed on me.

Her reason was that she had been out drinking the night before and was still too hungover and sick to go at 7pm the next night.

Starting off minor, leading up to more concerning examples of why and how I flake on dates, here are just a few of the reasons I’ve flaked on some of my recent dates. to begin the hour-long getting ready process for a date that may or may not be mediocre. I’m hungover I’ll admit, I’m slightly ashamed at the number of dates I’ve flaked out on due to the poor decisions I’ve made the night before out partying.