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Di Marco said she had started to respect Sharpe, but she knew they would never be friends.

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With Tracy Di Marco and her fiance having walked off the stage after an explosive (and violent) fight with Gigi Liscio, hostess Jessi Cruickshank moved on to discuss the implosion of the Lombardi-Giove partnership.I'm looking for folks by the name of Rubertucci or Mingnone or Fanelli from Riccia, Campobosso, Molise (formerly Abruzzi). Thanks and Bon anno Louise Di Furia Santoleri Havertown, Pa USA - Thursday, December 16, 1999 at (EST) I am trying to gather historical info on my maiden name Tessicini.I have been unablt to locate any info with this spelling. When asking my father, he said that it used to be spelled Tessichini before they entered school and then it was Americanized. Thank You-Denise Denise Tessicini Polacek Turner, OR USA - Tuesday, December 14, 1999 at (EST) Looking for siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews of Marco Canzoneri, 13 1879.Last time I found a considerable amount of cash was probably two or three years ago, it was a fifty dollar bill in a Home Depot parking lot.Today, I hit up the same Home Depot to buy some grass seed, potted flowers and vegetables among other things.Also our last name was mispelled somewhere along the line to CONZONERI. I hope that everyone realizes how much this pains me. By the's a great Louie Prima fan, how 'bout you? Thanks Hi, my name is Patrick and i was wondering if you were maybe related to me. Italy and most of my family now lives in West Virginia. Any info on surname of "GLICINI" - northern part of Italy, this was my grandfather who was brought up in an orphanage and later adopted. They came to this country in the early 1900"s through Ellis Island and settled in the towns Passaic and Garfield, New Jersey. I am looking for members of the De Grandis family in North America. The city of Oscali, Italy,(not sure about the spelling). Her grandfather was Frank Angeline, formerly Angelini, came to the united states prior to world war I, from Canada where he dug the Welland canal. on SALVATORE & ANTOINETTE GIORGIO's ancestors in Avellino, Italy.

However, we are now on a new server with more disk space so we should be well poised to move into the future. Joe 12/7/99 Name: Kristen Howard Email:[email protected]: Henderson, NV USA Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 at Comments: Hey Joe! Looking for information on my grandparents families. I am trying to find out info on their parents and on back. The family along with many other Italian families relocated to the freight yards of Manchester, New York and worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad. I would like to advise all Duroniesi about the new Duronia website. (Came to US in 1877) Other names are VILLON and BELLINO (San Andrea- Naples) and COIRO and INGLESE looking for info on my granparents harry arena and his wife rose(gallbo) arena harry had a brother joe and a sister angie they had five kids joe ann larry josephine and roy no history on rose at this time both came to the boston ma area late 1800 early 1900 any info greatly appreciated Just beginning my search on the MACALUSO family from Rochester, NY. I am researching my family's history on both my mother's and father's side.

He came to new orleans from prizzi palermo sicily in 1901-1903.

He was a shoemaker and opened his own shoe shop in new orleans.

Olivia Blois Sharpe had the chance during the taping to play host, asking questions of the cast, but the tension rose again during the episode when Di Marco returned to the stage.

After Liscio said she hopes her safety would be considered for the remainder of the taping, Di Marco returned, and began an intense argument with Sharpe concerning whether or not they can really get along. The two women discussed how they thought they could start to get along, maybe be friends at some point.

His parents were Matteo Canzoneri and Paola Amato both born around 1844 and married in 1868. My fathers name was Michael Angelo Sanna born on March 2, 1899 in Sardinia. My grandfather's name was Leonardo Greco from Calabria, Italy.