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Free adult frog cam

Despite its common name these animals are not true seadragons but rather pipefish.

Free adult frog cam-17

The froglets cannot hurt the tads all for the first week or so post metamorphosis - they are just too small. Growafrogs very much enjoy the company of other frogs and your company, too.Of course, your froglets do not eat tadpole food, but it will not hurt them at all.If you have a TADpole Single or Double Tube Town, your already have Tube Caps which are specially designed to help grow tadpoles and froglets in the same habitat.You will probably need less tadpole food, as the tads remaining are likely to be near the stage when the front arms are out and they stop eating.It is not at all harmful to feed tadpole food in a habitat that has morphing frogs.Make sure that your frog is eating and the morph is complete before using Water Crystals.

If you have a Stage Two Habitat, it is OK to move your tadpole/froglet in there at any time. if you have a tadpole and/or froglet that has not quite completed the morph.

You do not have to wait for the morph to complete before moving to Stage Two. If you have received a froglet from us, it is already morphed.

It is at least a week or two past metamorphosis, so it may be placed right into a Stage Two Habitat, Tube-Town Habitat, or other habitat using Water Crystals.

Pay particular attention to this concern if you have a newly morphed froglet ready to be introduced into a habitat with an older, larger frog.

If you had a small frog that's 'bite sized' compared to the much larger frog, please follow introduction directions.

We highly recommend that you keep two (or more) Growafrogs together in the same habitat.