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The non-Christian portion of the indigenous population practices a wide variety of indigenous religions that are an integral part of traditional culture.

The remainder of the Papuan languages seem to be totally unrelated either to each other or to the other major groupings.The government has not taken sufficient steps to address gender inequality, violence, corruption, or excessive use of force by police.Rates of family and sexual violence are among the highest in the world, and perpetrators are rarely prosecuted.Divided by language, customs, and tradition, some of these communities have engaged in endemic warfare with their neighbors for centuries. The isolation created by the mountainous terrain is so great that some groups, until recently, were unaware of the existence of neighboring groups only a few kilometers away.The diversity, reflected in a folk saying, "For each village, a different culture", is perhaps best shown in the local languages.Police and prosecutors rarely pursue investigations or criminal charges against people who commit family violence—even in cases of attempted murder, serious injury, or repeated rape—and instead prefer to resolve such cases through mediation and/or payment of compensation.

Police also often demand money (“for fuel”) from victims before acting, or simply ignore cases that occur in rural areas.

The indigenous population of Papua New Guinea is one of the most heterogeneous in the world.

Papua New Guinea has several thousand separate communities, most with only a few hundred people.

In addition, many languages belonging to Austronesian language group are used in Papua New Guinea, and in total, more than 800 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea.

Native languages are spoken by a few hundred to a few thousand, although Enga language, used in Enga Province, is spoken by some 130,000 people. English is the language of business and government, and all schooling from Grade 2 Primary is in English.

The government led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was the focus of sustained protests throughout 2016, including student boycotts and acts of civil disobedience across a number of sectors of the economy, over allegations of corruption.