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“ ‘Now we are weak and the West is so powerful,’ Abdellahy said, citing a common state-promoted narrative he learned in school. [and] all the world is against us because we are better than them.” When Abdellahy began to crave more information about his religion, Islam, which is both the dominant religion of Egypt and the religion that informs and permeates the country’s constitution, penal code and cultural practices, he found only “shallow” explanations of belief and practices in the locally available books and newspapers.“ ‘You are a victim; all the world is against you’ . And he found a dearth of teachers, scholars and political leaders willing to take his questions.Nadia Oweidat, a fellow at New America who grew up in Jordan and moderated Abdellahy’s talk on Tuesday, jumped in: “When I was going to school, the role of the school is to stop you from questioning,” she said.FEATURES- video dating- mobile & group text- social chat rooms- private in box- share audio, video and photo- make new friends In-App Purchase Info---------------------------------------------------Coins are used to send Hi’s to other users, unlock chat rooms, and unlock a person’s “Fans”.Users can do various actions to receive free coins such as uploading a video, inviting friends, and logging in daily.So Abdellahy, like others, turned to the Internet, gradually discovering chat forums that provided more details about Islam’s various religious and academic texts, and a range of opinions on what a pious Muslim should or should not do. You can go anywhere you want,” Abdellahy said of the Internet, particularly in the context of repressive societies.

“And that’s the empowering part about that space.” After graduating from college, Abdellahy ultimately found himself most drawn to the jihadist messages of al-Qaeda and affiliated groups.

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