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Teachers’ colleges, sporting clubs, discos and pubs are still dived."Yes – says Roisin – love is love and if religion has any meaning it never should stand in loveres’ way to love".

Fourty years later religious segregation still encompasses 90% housing estates and 94% schools.Attention especially attracts Artur Święs as Journalist or Zbigniew Wróbel as Czepiec/Headman.Convincing is also Anna Maria Karczmarska’s stage design and costumes – second rate bar, dodgy plebeian elegance, a bit shady customers.And dance and singing sequence can capture – for a while - audience’s attention.Performance directed by Rychcik in Śląski one watches with bated breath.The life suspended among war, lying in wait danger and everyday normality, comprising not only conversations about politics, but also mundane problems, moral debates and lovers’ dilemmas.

Yes, a shadow of battle is still hanging above wedding guests – the most emphatically reminds about that Rachel/Jimmy who goes everywhere without her piece, disdains those who don’t fight enemy (she fires at dancing Billy Elliot) and her attitude expresses with bravura performed Polish version of Queen Esther Marrow’s Walk Tall.

Slightly beefed up dialogues still entertain with accuracy or social observations.

Painter’s Phantom is replaced with Billy Elliot (Dominik Więcek), Wernychora – by Boy with French Horn (Michał Zdrzałek) playing in dark alley melancholy jazz.

Actors after interring Capsheaf dance and clap their hands, sounds gospel alleluia, whisky goes from hand to hand.

This staging had particular importance for Teatr Śląski.

Outstanding is Artur Święs in a part of Journalist – a beginning paparazzo always with a camera.