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Though the wood in the hold - and that on the beach - can no longer be sold for any structural use, it could do for paper or sawdust.

Yesterday, authorities closed the beaches and warned beachcombers to stay away.Some level crossings on more minor roads, with two barriers instead of four, are automatic and are not monitored.Recent incidents at the busy crossing include a driver swerving round stationary cars as the barriers came down, which happened on September 15 this year, and a pedestrian jumping over the barriers on August 28.To some, it is a reminder of the awesome power of the sea, which can toss a 6,395-ton ship like a rubber duck and drag its cargo away to line its beaches.To others, it looks like a new kennel for the dog, or maybe a treehouse for the kids.This isn't walkable from the station but just 10 minutes by taxi - and totally worth your while if the kids love adventure parks!

Warwick Street has many beautiful boutiques, specialist shops and with its various side streets be amazed with the many shopping outlets.15 minutes walk from Worthing station - and totally worth your while if you love shopping.

Worthing council's chief executive, Ian Lowrie, said: "Our biggest worry is the windsurfers and kite surfers.

If they hit timber at the speeds they go it could be very nasty.

Last January the freighter Napoli lost 200 containers during a fierce storm.

Hundreds of scavengers flocked to the beach at Branscombe in Devon to try and retrieve plunder including 17 BMW motorbikes, car parts, beauty cream, barrels and disposable nappies.

Scroll down for more The ship, which was bound for Egypt, was also carrying lubricating oils in the engine space, around 423 tons of fuel oil and 123 tons of marine diesel oil.